Meet Al Bertke

After twenty-five years as a Lutheran Minister, I re-careered and became an entrepreneur, creating and selling businesses throughout the years, only to start another successful business.

In 2002, I realized that, although I had re-careered as an entrepreneur – a few times, I had remained, at the core of whatever I was doing, a counselor, a spiritual coach, and a business mentor. As that realization hit me I knew that my passion was to be a life coach. With over forty-five years of experience I have centered on using the principles of The Law of Attraction. One of my core values – coaching people to create the best possible life for themselves, based on their desires.

That same year I became a Personal Life Coach, certified through The Life Coach Institute. Because I am an energetic learner, this was not enough. Being invigorated by entrepreneurship, I became certified as an Executive & Entrepreneurial Coach by The Executive Coach Institute. I have literally developed a cache of tools to coactively coach clients experiencing transitional change; turning crisis into journey and journey into realization.

For the past five years, my clients have called me their “Life Transition Coach”, as they courageously explore Riptide Rescue’s “Seven R’s” to tease out their desires, establish goals and commit – in integrity and honesty – in the process of creating a fluid and fulfilling life they desire for their next path in life! Using the Law of Attraction principles, we create the dynamic which allows us to be DELIBERATE CREATORS and captains of our future.

It is my privilege to be married to Darlene Penk Bertke for more than forty-five years. We are “empty nesters”, with two adult children who have created wonderful lives for themselves. After many years as the premiere leasing agent in Minneapolis, Minnesota, Darlene has re-careered and is now the marketing director for Riptide Rescue. One of my goals for this year was to become very organized. Darlene’s goal was to create an opportunity to organize. We continue to sway to the same music: however, it is now her turn to lead.

I am an avid supporter of human rights! People are my passion! I have marched and protested from Mississippi to Minnesota. I am a member of Quorum, Minnesota’s GLBTA chamber of commerce and the National Chamber (NGLCC). I am a member of the national Cultural Creatives Network. I am a board member of the Old Highland Association in Minneapolis’ urban core. I am thoughtful and dedicated to my on-going spiritual growth. Usually I have five or more books which I’m reading at any one time. I have been a member of Kiwanis, Y’s men, Jaycees, and now Rotary and Business Network International (BNI). I appreciate my portable business which allows me to travel (China – 2007) and work with clients anywhere and meet interesting people.

If you want a better life, or are having trouble reaching your goals, contact me for a Conditional Consult to see if we are a match for coaching.

"The spiritual journey does not consist in arriving at a new destination where a person gains what he did not have or becomes what he is not. It consists in dissapation of one's own ignorance concening one's self and life and the gradual growth of that understanding which begins the spiritual awakening. The finding of god in coming to one's self."
Aldous Huxley

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