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Contact: Al Bertke, Founder, Riptide Rescue
Address: 1611 Emerson Avenue North, Minneapolis, MN 55411
Telephone: 612.588.0399


I am the Founder of Riptide Rescue, a successful executive & personal life coaching company, which has been delivering a message of motivation, success and personal fulfillment since 2002.  Among those we work with are senior executives, entrepreneurs, re-careering “seniors”, artists and individuals who what to enhance their careers and live the fabulous life they have the ability to create for themselves. Our clients are those who want to hear something different, start telling a new story, and do something incredible with their lives.  Principals operating Riptide Rescue are Al Bertke and Darlene Bertke.

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Types of Clients I Have Worked With:

At Riptide Rescue, we believe access to coaching should be as independent of money as is economically feasible for us. We are public-spirited by background and nature. Accordingly, we aim to set aside a certain number of coaching sessions per month for clients who reasonably believe they lack the funds to pay market rates for coaching and request a lower price on a sliding scale, so that money and coaching are separate issues. Please contact Al or Darlene Bertke for prices on coaching, tele-conferences, seminar presentations or workshops for yourself and your organization.

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"Whether you think you can or think you can't - you are right."
Henry Ford

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