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We have used Al Bertke for personal CEO coaching, as well as a management coaching for several years. Al recently spent one week with our company to resolve management issues that had come to a dead-lock. The results are immeasurable as far as employee satisfaction and organizational performance are concerned. While resolving our key issue, Al turned our management culture from the negative to the positive, by applying the principle of the law of attraction... new, yet immensely powerful, to all of us.

As a relatively young and rapidly growing company with 110 employees, Al has empowered the foundation of the organization, to be humble, disciplined, and opportunistic in our individual thought process. He has also given us the management tools we need to resolve potential future problems, which may appear at some point as we continue to grow.

Overall, Al's coaching has increased management confidence and enabled us to solve issues at an early stage, allowing our entire organization focus on developing the best Omega 3 products on the planet, rather than getting stuck with personal and professional development issues. For that we are eternally thankful.

Just knowing that Al is there when we need him, is the best safety net our management could have. Al's teachings continue to be a weekly reference point at our management meetings. Al has produced a permanent attitude change to our organization.

Joar Opheim
CEO Nordic Naturals, Inc.

I have thoroughly enjoyed working with you. The time has been well spent and you helped me move to the next level. You are a wonderful coach and a quality human being. I know that you are helping scores of people achieve their goals and dreams with you skill and encouraging words. I hope that our paths cross again someday.

Jean Freeland
Area Manager

I have always heard that all successful people had coaches, well now I personally know why-In working with my new Life Coach, Al Bertke, I set weekly goals and identify my potential obstacles and list the actions that will override the obstacles. The process is so simple, yet very profound, I would recommend Al to anyone who wishes to turn the invisible to the visible!

Dominic Roche
Trainer to the Stars

A good LCI Certified Life Coach must be willing to take the focus off of themselves to be able to listen to what others want and need to turn their lives around. Al Bertke is a true LCI Certified Life Coach, working with people within the business world or on a personal level. I have worked with Al both in the US and here in the UK, he is a very understanding warm natured man with a great deal of life experience that enhances him as a Life Coach, and I would recommend his services to anyone.

Denise Valentine, FInstSMM
The Life Coach Institute UK & Europe

What can I say about Al Bertke? He is a wonderful, dynamic, warm, strong life coach with an amazing depth of life experience and wisdom. Knowing Al would be a privilege for anyone, whether in the business or personal arena. It has been just such a privilege for me to know and work with a man of his caliber, conviction and genuine desire to help others. He's a good man, and I highly recommend him.

Elise Sargent
Assistant Director
The Life Coach Institute

I began Life Coaching at a point in my life when I felt "stuck". I wanted so badly to move forward in my life and business but couldn’t seem to identify or break through barriers that were impeding my progress. Al has helped me identify issues that were keeping me from reaching the level of success that I have always desired. He has introduced me to tools such as Self-Talk and active weekly goal setting which I have been able to utilize to work through those issues, identify obstacles and move forward in my progress toward my goals. Al has been there to listen, encourage, congratulate and to help me focus and stay on track. It’s great to know that I have someone I can count on to always be in my corner while at the same time not letting me "off the hook". Since working with Al, I have made tremendous progress in my attitude and in confidence in myself and my abilities. There has been many times where my session with Al turned my whole week around! Life Coaching is a powerful tool that I would highly recommend to anyone with a desire to take their success in life to the next level.

Independent Business Owner
Troy, Michigan

To be a good life coach, it is a requirement that one must have had to experience life. Having known Al for over 15 years I can state that he has that experience. I have learned about what Al has been thru in life and most importantly what his life is all about. I can honestly say that Al is the perfect life coach. His gentleness, his kindness, and his knowledge are great assets to his career. Very few other individuals have gone thru what Al has experienced in his life. It is because of those life experiences that distinguish Al from other life coaches!

Gary Mazzone
Bookseller to the Community
Sales Representative

We worked with Al Bertke for several weeks while listening to Dr. Shad Helmstetter’s CD’s on The Lifetime Library of Positive Self-Talk. We found Al to be an extremely personable, respectful, wise, beneficial and a fun life coach to work with. He possesses the ability to ask the right questions at the right time. He got us and our business moving in a positive and profitable direction.

Pete and Jan Girard

Wisdom, Compassion, Inspiration and Integrity are just a few of the positive qualities that I admire in Al Bertke. He is a man of deeply held convictions that have been tested and strengthened over the course of his remarkable life. A wise and able teacher, Al has a unique ability to merge the lessons of academia with the experiences of a lifetime. Anyone working with Al cannot help but be inspired by the strength of his character and motivated by his seemingly boundless energy.

Connie Kauppi
OutFront Minnesota
Minneapolis, MN

Al Bertke’s ability to see the path through life’s obstacles is amazing. His personal guidance through career changes and starting a business has been incredibly beneficial and I have to believe that it would be for anyone who understands that you get to where you want to go more quickly with a guide.

Kirk Gryder
Gryder Display Group

Al is a kind and generous man. His dedication to his work is surpassed only by his dedication to helping people - luckily the two go hand in hand.

Laura McCarty
Minneapolis, MN

Al and Darlene Bertke are the absolute physical, spiritual, intellectual and emotional manifestation of the Law of Attraction! They walk their talk! I have found inspiration, dedication to ‘self’ and the power of letting go of negative self talk. They encourage me to set goals and begin telling a new and different story!

Betsy Petersen
Madelain Group
St. Paul, MN

Al was one of the first to make me feel welcome when I came to the Twin Cities. Not familiar with life coaching, I was intrigued and attended one of his seminars. In our culture of gimmicks and kitsch, I found his common-sense approach to de-cluttering and prioritizing life’s many complexities both sensible and refreshing. Al brings sincerity of heart, vast experience, and genuine gusto to his work. There’s no question in my mind that if I were seeking a life coach, Al Bertke would be the man.

todd Park
Freelance Writer
Minneapolis, MN

"We are what we repeatedly do.
Excellence, then, is not an act, but a habit."

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